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smrtFOB is such a gadget

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What’s a gadget? Does it have to be smart? Does it have to talk to you or push the boundaries of technology? Can a gadget be boring, like battery-level boring? A new gizmo called the "smrtFOB" is definitely a gadget. It might be the most gadgety gadget that’s designed to keep other gadgets alive. The smrtFOB is a module power bank that’ll send users notifications when it needs to be charged. It’s got Bluetooth built-in so it can be tracked and comes with swappable Lightning, micro-USB, or USB-C cables. Because it’s modular, additional features can be swapped in, like a 32GB flash memory. Just look at this gadget:


SmrtFOB launched on Kickstarter and starts at $59. It’s definitely a gadget.