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LeEco is launching a video streaming platform in the US

LeEco is launching a video streaming platform in the US


Without Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Hulu

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LeEco is bringing many of its existing products over from China as it launches in the US today, but one of the new services the US gets is a new streaming platform that comes with an extensive list of launch partners. The video platform called LeEco Live will launch with content from Showtime, Lionsgate, MGM, Sling, Vice, The Travel Channel, and Awesomeness TV, just to name a few.

It won't be an easy road for LeEco's new service, which is missing some major players like HBO, Amazon Video, Hulu, ESPN, and apps from every major sports league, but the company has to start somewhere. Machinima, Mitú, and Magnolia Pictures are also a part of the platform.

LeEco established itself as a content company back in the mid-2000s in China, so it does have experience in this area, but with so many players in the US market like Roku and Apple offering well-established platforms for content creators to join and for customers to buy into, LeEco will have a tough road ahead.

The company has also been light on details on how the service will work and what devices it will be available on — LeEco bought Vizio earlier this year, so it's the likeliest partner at this point. Given the lack of name recognition LeEco has in the US, it's likely going to have to rely on Vizio's strong brand to gain any foothold with a streaming platform in the states.