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    LeEco is bringing its ExploreVR headset to the US

    LeEco is bringing its ExploreVR headset to the US


    No word yet on price or availability

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    At its first major US event, the Chinese tech giant LeEco showed off an entire ecosystem of products: from TVs to phones to cars to bicycles. As part of its ecosystem of connected devices and on demand entertainment, the company also showed off a mobile VR headset it calls ExploreVR.

    The device will be be powered by the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 inside LeEco's new smartphone, the Le Pro 3. For comfort it promises "premium memory foam lining," that molds to the contours of your head. It uses high precision aspheric lenses and a proximity sensor that automatically pauses and restarts playback when you take it off or put it on. And LeEco says a 10,000Hz IMU sensor will help to cut down on head-tracking latency.

    We don't know anything yet about the price or when it will become available, although the company did say its US launch was November 2nd, so the VR headset won't be available until at least next month. But given LeEco's approach to packaging content with its devices, it seems safe to say that you will be able to use this headset to watch Matt Damon defend the great wall. And since its devices work on Google's Android operating system, it is likely to tap into the emerging Daydream ecosystem as well.