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Verizon says 128GB Google Pixel XL is sold out and won't be in stores tomorrow

Verizon says 128GB Google Pixel XL is sold out and won't be in stores tomorrow


32GB Pixel XL and regular Pixel in both sizes will be at Verizon retail stores

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If you're like me, maybe you were planning on walking into your local Verizon Wireless store tomorrow morning to purchase a 128GB Google Pixel XL. Well, I've got rather unfortunate news, friends. Jeffrey Nelson, who works for Verizon's communications team, just tweeted out that initial inventory of the 128GB Pixel XL is already sold out and will not be at the carrier's retail stores tomorrow. Shipping estimates for the XL model have slipped back to November 18th on Verizon's website.

So if you must have a Pixel from Verizon tomorrow, you're stuck making a decision on what's more important: screen size or storage. You can either buy the 5.5-inch XL size with 32GB of internal storage, or settle for the smaller Pixel at the capacity you wanted to begin with. The Pixel XL is also out of stock at Google's web store, although Best Buy may be another potential option if you've got one nearby. However, even the big box retailer's website currently only shows the 32GB Pixels, so the 128GB models may be hard to come by.

Remember that the 5-inch regular Pixel features the same powerful specs as the larger version, but "only" a 1080p display, and there's also a smaller battery inside. We've reached out to Verizon for further details on when the more capacious XL will arrive at retail stores; hopefully it won't be more than a few days.

Big phones aren't so easy to buy for walk-in customers lately. Last month, Apple and its retail partners warned that availability of the iPhone 7 Plus would be severely constrained at launch. It was unavailable from Apple locations on launch day, and even now is hard to find in certain colors and storage configurations.