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Oppo's 'six-string' antenna line design proves innovation isn't dead

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A whole lot of companies take design inspiration from Apple, like, pretty much exact design inspiration. It makes for a boring phone landscape. But do you know how companies think they’ll win the hearts of consumers and tech writers to outdo Apple? Antenna lines. Those dang antenna lines, while crucial to cell reception, are ugly. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have any antenna lines?

Oppo just released a new phone in China called the R9S, which it claims is the first to have "six-string antenna lines." Instead of the iPhone’s thicker antenna bands, the R9S has two sets of three lines, each measuring 0.33mm thick. Oppo thinks this is as elegant as the "lines of a stringed instrument." Sure. Instead of big bands, you get a bunch of really small bands! It's worth noting that Apple moved its thick bands from around the phone to the top and bottom of the iPhone 7, so you don't notice them as much. It's nice. Are you swooning over Oppo's blurry antenna lines photo yet?