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Circuit Breaker

Here’s a massive speaker inside a cooler, just in time for winter

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Alpine Electronics just introduced its new 14-gallon cooler that doubles as a speaker. It’s unfortunately named the PWD-CB1 Alpine In-Cooler Entertainment system. The thing is massive, and Alpine suspiciously doesn’t list its weight anywhere, so I’m guessing it’s heavy, too. Apparently the speaker was designed to match the "lifestyle activities" of people who own Jeeps, full-size trucks, and SUVs. I agree that the aesthetic of the cooler matches that lifestyle.

The 180-watt speaker is powered by a 16-foot cable that plugs into a truck’s 12-volt auxiliary power outlet. Obviously the speaker itself is waterproof, too, because you don’t want your beer spilling and frying it or electrocuting you. You’re probably not going to be hauling this thing out to a casual beach hang via the subway, but if you’re inclined to take it on the go, you’re going to need a big external battery. Good thing you own a truck and aren’t a fool on public transit like me. The PWD-CB1 Alpine In-Cooler Entertainment system costs $1,500.