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Origin PC announces new thin laptop with a 'VR ready' GTX 1060 GPU

Origin PC announces new thin laptop with a 'VR ready' GTX 1060 GPU

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Origin PC is bringing Nvidia’s latest GTX 1060 GPU to its new EVO15-S laptop.

The EVO15-S measures in at only 0.69 inches thick

Earlier this year, when Nvidia announced that the GTX 1000 series would be coming to laptops, one of the touted advantages was that the new GPUs would allow for thinner and lighter gaming laptops.

The EVO15-S makes good on this promise, measuring in at only 0.69 inches thick, and joins the even thinner 0.66-inch thick Razer Blade in offering Nvidia’s new "VR Ready" GPUs in an extremely portable form factor. (For comparison, Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro is 0.71 inches thick.)

Unfortunately, EVO15-S also follows the Blade in sticking with the earlier sixth-generation of Intel processors with a Intel Core i7 6700HQ Skylake chip, instead of using the latest Kaby Lake processors released earlier this year. The rest of the specs are good for a modern gaming laptop, with a 256GB SSD, an additional 2TB hard drive for extra storage, 16GB of RAM, and the obligatory multicolor light-up keyboard so that it’s clear to everyone in the vicinity that you’re using this for gaming. Origin PC also offers custom designs and laser etching for the laptop’s lid, should you be so inclined.

The EVO15-S starts at $2,083, and is available now.