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These robots will crawl over your clothes for some reason

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MIT / Stanford

Scientists at MIT and Stanford created a new type of tiny robot called a "rovable" that’ll travel over clothes. The little bots have magnetic wheels on either side of a garment that keep them anchored and moving, as well as a 100mAh battery, microcontroller, and a small antenna so they can communicate with the computer directing them. They’re also relatively autonomous, so they can direct themselves back to their home base for wireless charging.

MIT / Stanford

The rovables are an adorable proof-of-concept. The researchers behind their creation think people might want to use them to create interactive clothing or jewelry. Maybe when a wearer gets a phone call, the rovables could move closer to his or her neck to double as a microphone. Or maybe the rovables could create a moving, massive display. Personally, I love the idea of a robot traveling around my body making me a better and way cooler-looking human.