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The upgraded version of the Turing Phone is reportedly shipping

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Remember the Turing Phone? You might because you preordered it in August 2015 and received an "evaluation unit" a year later, only to discover it was kind of terrible. After a switch to Sailfish OS in January of this year, the company began shipping its "ultra-secure" phone to early backers with the promise that an upgraded version with the Snapdragon 820 processor would follow this year. Essentially, customers were sent a beta phone and then told the real version would be coming to them soon.

Phoneradar reports that a source in Taiwan has now received this upgraded phone. The anonymous source posted photos on it168, too. What a mess.

Correction 10/24, 10:35 AM ET: Updated to reflect that the Turing Phone had previously shipped to backers. The upgraded version of the phone is now rumored to be shipping.