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Loop's retro tablet looks like a Fallout prop

Loop's retro tablet looks like a Fallout prop

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A new tablet called Loop was unveiled at CES this year and is now available to order. The whole goal for Loop is to become the new kitchen TV, although it doesn't even support Netflix so I don't think that'll ever happen. Sure, you could just use a tablet or smartphone in the kitchen, but the creators behind Loop think you’ll be into their product’s throwback design, 10-inch HD display, and voice controls. Really, Loop is just a glorified picture frame that also supports video and conveniently comes with an SD card slot.

The tablet pairs with phones over Wi-Fi through a companion iOS / Android app, so users can send photos to their Loop and convert it into a digital picture frame. If they get sick of seeing those photos, they can then use the physical dials on the side to flip "channels" or navigate to pre-programed sites, like YouTube, Facebook, or Flickr.


Users can video call other people who have Loop, too. We’ve seen similar concepts before with the Nucleus and the Ily. Do you need a hyper-specialized tablet in your kitchen? Loop costs $199.