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Google's answer to Microsoft's Surface Hub is an equally giant digital whiteboard

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Google is moving into office hardware today with Jamboard, a new 4K digital whiteboard. Just like Microsoft's Surface Hub, Google's Jamboard is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen, but Google is using Android and a new whiteboard app to power its giant display. It's a direct move for Google's continued competition with Microsoft in businesses and the enterprise, and the Jamboard is designed for businesses who already use Google Apps.

Google's screen supports up to 16 simultaneous touch inputs (compared to 100 on the Surface hub), and includes a stylus, built-in camera, and speakers. The Jamboard will let Google Apps users create "Jam" sessions to collaborate on documents, and draw, type, or modify them as teams over Google Hangout calls.

Google isn't revealing the exact specs of its giant touchscreen, but it has some interesting software tricks nonetheless. The Jamboard can sense when you're using your finger to wipe off things from the whiteboard, instead of drawing. There's also a bunch of tools like sticky notes, stencils, and handwriting / shape recognition.

You'll also be able to mount the Jamboard like a TV or attach it to a stand to wheel it into meetings. Google has unveiled its Jamboard just a day before Microsoft is expected to launch its own desktop PC, but the search giant isn't ready to release it just yet. Google says the Jamboard will be available "under $6,000" in 2017, which is less than the $8,999 Microsoft charges for its 55-inch Surface Hub.