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Microsoft announces upgraded Surface Book with 16-hour battery life, for $2,399

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Available for preorder today

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Microsoft just showed off an updated version of its Surface Book laptop that comes with 30 percent more battery life and double the graphics performance of the most powerful Surface Book currently available. Microsoft says the updated Surface Book is the most powerful version it's ever produced, featuring latest Intel i7 processor, a redesigned cooling system with an additional fan to keep those processors running at full strength, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M GPU pushing 1.9 teraflops of graphics performance, and 16 hours of battery life.

All of those improvements are shoved into the existing Surface Book frame, with which was announced one year ago to the day. The upgraded Surface Book is slightly heavier than its predecessor — likely due to the bigger battery — weighing in at 3.63 pounds compared to 3.48 pounds for the original version.

The new Surface Book will be available on November 10th

The Surface Book will be available with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB configurations for $2,399, $2,799, and $3,299, respectively. Microsoft says the new Surface Book will be available on November 10th, but you can preorder the laptop today from

With Microsoft and Apple expected to announce new laptops in successive days, November is going to be a good time to pickup a new computer, no matter your preference.

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