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Emporio Armani's first connected watch has a reported six-month battery life

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Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani has realized even people with expensive taste want connected devices. The fashion company partnered with Fossil to launch its first hybrid connected watch this week, called the EA Connected Watch. The watch comes with an analog display, but still syncs with phones through Bluetooth and a companion iOS / Android app. It features the standard wearable fare, including sleep tracking, notifications, activity tracking, and music control. But the EA Connected slightly differs in that it also includes a second time zone. Apparently customers told Armani what features they wanted in a device and a second time zone won. I wish my life desires were so simply met.

The highlight of the watch for me is definitely the quartz batteries, which keep the watch alive for a long time without being charged. Ars Technica reports six months? That would be potentially life-changing. Armani’s watches are available in rose gold, black, gunmetal, and stainless steel with either a three-piece link or leather strap. You can pick one up from Armani’s website or in its Emporio Armani boutiques around the world today, with prices starting at $250.