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Are the Jaybirds X3 wireless headphones good enough in a world with no wires?

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Jaybird has released the Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones, the latest version of its in-ear wireless headphone line, and the third iteration of their X-series products, The X3 is an iterative update from the X2, reducing the size and increasing the volume and battery life, while also retaining the same wraparound wire from the earlier Jaybird models.

the wireless headphone industry is more crowded than ever

These are all good things to improve upon in a new product generation, but the wireless headphone industry is more crowded than ever, with new truly wireless headphones from AppleSamsung, and a whole host of smaller startups coming out what seems like every week. It will be interesting to see how products like the Jaybirds — by all accounts, good headphones according to The Verge's Vlad Savov — fare with a decidedly last-generation design against their flashier, completely wireless competitors.

The Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones will cost $129.99, and are available for preorder today from Jaybird’s website with a ship date expected sometime in November.