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Bixi is another attempt at chasing a gesture-controlled future

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Gesture controls is one of those science fiction ideas that always seems a few years away. And while we’ve had a few contenders come and go, like the Leap Motion or the Kinect, nothing has been able to become the next big thing for controlling our computation devices in the same way that the mouse or the touchscreen have.


Bixi is the next device that’s determined to try and make gesture controls a thing. Originally announced at CES, and now running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Bixi is a small, hexagon device that claims to be able to track your gestures to control connected tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices.

And while the implementation is cool — the demo videos make it look properly futuristic, as people activate GoPros while riding, adjust music volume in a shower, or flip pages on a tablet while cooking — for some reason, I’m still not convinced.

memorizing an array of gestures seems tiresome

The idea of memorizing an array of gestures, even if they are "natural" and "initiative," seems tiresome. Remembering which devices and functions I have mapped to which motions requires additional effort, and the whole thing relies on hoping the device actually recognizes the gestures. All that seems like a lot to promise, especially when just picking up a phone or device is usually easier.

If Bixi’s gesture controlled lifestyle sounds like your cup of tea, you can get one on Kickstarter for $79, with the company hoping to ship in March 2017. While Bixi has shown that the device actually working in various product demonstrations and videos, the usual caution when backing Kickstarter projects — especially for a company that has never shipped a product before — still applies.