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It's getting easier to make USB-C headphones

It's getting easier to make USB-C headphones

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The group that defines and promotes USB standards issued specifications for USB-C headphones this past week. The new guidelines from the USB Implementers Forum will help accessory manufacturers get their devices to market more quickly by essentially guiding them through the steps to produce USB-C headphones that don’t suck up power. We've already seen a few USB-C headphones from brands like JBL, but this will speed up the process for other companies.

"Fewer connectors will open the door for innovation in countless ways and make it easier to design waterproof or water-resistant devices," USB-IF wrote. See ya later, headphone jack.

Intel detailed plans to standardize USB-C audio earlier this year, too, and Apple already provides similar specifications for Lightning port accessories through its MFi program. Obviously Apple's specifications are crucially important given that the iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a headphone jack. Now get ready for an influx of USB-C headphones.

Have you poured champagne out / onto your old headphone jack earbuds yet? You really need to get around to doing that.