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Verizon is latest to leak Google's Pixel phones, and they come in blue

Verizon is latest to leak Google's Pixel phones, and they come in blue


Take that, rose gold

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The Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones from Google will be carried by Verizon Wireless, according to an enterprise sales page spotted this evening by Gizmodo. It's long been rumored that the number one US carrier will sell "the Google phone," but this is the most direct confirmation yet. It's Verizon's own website, so there's not much room to dispute — though the premature phone listings appear to have been removed.

Google's last Nexus phones, the 6P and 5X, were not sold by the major US carriers and could only be purchased unlocked or financed through the company's own Project Fi. Before that, the Nexus 6 was offered by all four big mobile providers. The Pixel devices will be on Verizon shelves, but we've not yet seen any evidence that rivals AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint will offer them. Exactly how and where you can buy should be cleared up at Google's big media event later today. Trademarks uncovered in Europe officially confirm the Pixel branding, as well as what might be first-party cases for the devices.

While you wait, here's something more fun to get excited about: the Pixels are going to come in blue! @evleaks has posted Verizon Wireless product shots of both phones; it's the Pixel XL on top, and regular Pixel on bottom. We see the white and silver combination that's appeared in previous leaks, but there's also a brand new, vibrant blue version with a white faceplate. The Verizon website tipped to Gizmodo also confirms that the Pixels will be sold in three configurations: black, white/silver, and blue and with either 32GB or 128GB of storage. Verizon's sales listing mentions "Google Magic," but that might just be some bad marketing speak; the bullet points below it are pretty bland. Here's a closer look at the blue Pixel:

Blue Pixel leak

Notice something else? There's no Verizon carrier branding whatsoever.