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If you preorder a Pixel phone you'll also get a free Daydream View headset 'while supplies last'

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Google opened up orders for its new Pixel phones today and is giving early preorder buyers a code for a free VR headset. The promotion starts today and goes until "supplies last." A promo code will be sent to Pixel buyers approximately four weeks before their phone ships. The code can then be used in the Play Store to purchase a free headset. Google’s Daydream VR headset, Daydream View, will cost $79 when it’s released in November. It was specifically designed for the Pixel and Pixel XL, which start at $649.

Along with the launch of the headset and phones today, Google clarified its partnerships and what content viewers can expect to find when they launch Daydream for the first time. A new Harry Potter game is being released, along with special YouTube videos and virtual tours around the world. Google also said more than 100 releases are expected this upcoming year.

We don’t know what other phones will work with Daydream just yet, so if you’re hoping to consume all that VR content, you’re going to have to commit to a new phone.