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Google brings back customizable Live Cases for the Pixel phone

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Google has dropped a pair of new phones into the world, the Pixel and Pixel XL, but it's not letting them roam around naked. The company also announced the return of Live Cases — its range of customizable phone cases first announced for the Nexus phones earlier this year. Users can design their own case, or buy one readymade from Google's new Artworks collection — which includes illustrations from artists like FAILE and Justin Maller, and even snaps from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

The original Live Cases cost $35 a pop and used an NFC connection to transmit their design straight to the phone to use for its wallpaper. But it's not clear if this feature will also be available for the Pixel cases and price is unknown as well. It'll be a shame to hide the Pixel phone's design, especially that lovely Really Blue color (it really is really blue), but with Live Cases, at least you'll be able to customize what you're covering up with.