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The picture frame of the future will filter out your nudes

The picture frame of the future will filter out your nudes

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Do you ever look around your home and ask yourself where all your photos went? Maybe you used to keep photo albums on your living room coffee table, or you hung tangible photos up on your wall. You probably don’t commit most of the pictures you take to paper anymore. A company called Aura wants to bring the picture frame back to its glory days by making digital frames smarter. Digital photo frames have been around for a while. I’m pretty sure my mom had some at our house but packed them away when she realized they were stupid-looking.

Aura's 8 x 12 frame modernizes digital picture frames with its extra features, like being able to recognize faces in your photos and filter through them using a feature called "Smart Select." The frame will automatically search through your phone to grab photos of specific people while filtering out blurry photos. Family members can also contribute their photos. Apparently the frame comes with a nudity filter, too, so don’t worry, your mom probably won’t see your sexts. Hopefully you trust Aura’s nude filter.

The frame detects when you’ve entered and left a room, so it can change a photo. You’ll have fresh content every time you exit and enter a room, how nice. The frame will turn off with the lights, too. One Aura frame costs $399 and is controlled through Aura's companion iOS app. Do you need a picture frame in your life?