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Get hyped for the PlayStation VR launch with this official unboxing

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Ahh, unboxings. The methadone substitute for the heroin high of buying new gadgets. They don't completely scratch the itch, but they give some relief. And if you're jonesing for the upcoming PlayStation VR (out October 13th), the folks at Sony have something to help. The video above takes you through everything you get with the $399 PS VR Core Bundle, including the headset itself, the Processor Unit for video passthrough, headphones, various cables, and the PlayStation VR demo disc.

However, that doesn't include PlayStation Camera which is necessary to use the headset. If you don't already own that, the Camera and a pair of PlayStation Move Motion Controllers come in the pricier $499 PlayStation VR Launch Bundle. If you've not already pre-ordered the PS VR, it'll be available from retailers on launch day. Best Buy is also doing a midnight launch for the headset — and you can find where it's in stock here. Stay tuned to the The Verge until then, as we'll have a review of the new kit and a look at its launch games.

Verge Video: PlayStation VR's launch lineup