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This giant 1,000-watt Bluetooth speaker now has an FM radio

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In 2014, Pyle released the Street Blaster, an over 2-foot long (but still ostensibly portable) Bluetooth speaker with a 1,000-watt output. The original Street Blaster offers four hours of battery life, NFC pairing, and playback over either Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux. It also includes a built-in amp with microphone and guitar inputs, and can pulse its LED lights in time to your music.

if you’re still using WMA files, please stop

Pyle is back with the Street Blaster X, which keeps all the same features as the original Street Blaster — including the glowing, disembodied jet engine design — but upgrades the battery life to six hours, and adds an FM radio and USB flash drive support, allowing for playback of MP3 or WMA files. (Side note: if you’re still using WMA files, please stop. It’s 2016. Move on.) The Street Blaster X can also record audio from Bluetooth, radio, or the guitar and microphone inputs to a flash drive, allowing you to continue to subject your friends and neighbors to your rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" for years to come.

The Street Blaster X is available from Pyle for $283.99, or $27 more than the original Street Blaster.