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Panasonic's new wireless switch doesn't need batteries to turn on your lights

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If the control method for all your smart home technology has to be constantly charged or plugged in, it's going to limit your flexibility when it comes to setting things up. Panasonic, however, is looking to improve on that with its new wireless and batteryless switch technology that the company unveiled at CEATEC 2016.

The idea behind the switch is relatively simple. It contains a power generator that can translate motion, like sitting on a chair or opening a door, into electricity, providing the switch with power to wirelessly turn on connected devices. Panasonic’s demo video shows off the switch triggering lights, fans, computers, and music at a desk when someone sits down on the chair. Furthermore, the untethered nature of the switch means that compared to other smart home control solutions (or even regular light switches) which need complex wiring for power and control, Panasonic’s solution could be relatively simple to install and set up.

Panasonic hasn’t announced any products that will integrate the wireless and batteryless switch, which still remains a demo for now, but it’s easy to see the company integrating the technology into future products.