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Polar just launched a running wearable for people who don’t necessarily love to run

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Polar announced its new M200 running wearable today that’s made for runners who either go bananas for running and take training seriously, or people who are meh about running but want to learn more. The M200 is up to par with most other wearables features-wise. It comes with GPS, can count steps, keep track of sleep, count calories burned, and monitor heart rate. It’ll also display your phone notifications and is waterproof.

Looks wise, the watch is pretty big for a wrist, but also reminds me a bit of the Pebble interface, which I love. Check out all these color options, too. The M200 would definitely become your "look."


Why is this a running wearable as opposed to a regular wearable, you ask? Polar’s companion iOS / Android app comes with a running program that can pair up with the M200 to coach wearers through a workout. It'll also help runners reach individual goals, like running a 5K race or a full marathon. The M200 doesn’t have voice control, so it won’t literally speak to you, but you’ll see notifications and advice come up on its screen throughout your workout. The M200 is available for preorder now for $149.90. It’s set to be released later this month. I wish I smiled as much as the people in Polar’s commercial when I run.