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Master & Dynamic’s smaller headphones now come in a wireless version

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The MW50 maintain Master & Dynamic’s signature style

Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic is a relatively new brand in the audio world, but it has built up a name around its stylish line of headphones that combine premium materials with a signature design. Today, the company is expanding its range with the MW50, a wireless version of its original MH30 on-ear headphones.

The MW50 are much smaller and lighter than the over-ear MW60 released last year, but they have a similar design and appearance. The headphones have 40mm drivers, a claimed Bluetooth signal range of 100 feet, 16-hour battery life, a USB Type-C port, and a fold-flat design for slipping into a bag. Master & Dynamic says the MW50 are 30 percent lighter than the MW60, yet are still made from the same metal and leather materials. The sound is also tuned to be the same as the MW60 and the MW50s have the same tactile controls and multipoint Bluetooth features as their larger sibling.

Master & Dynamic

I was able to briefly demo a pre-production set of MW50s ahead of today’s announcement and found them very comfortable to wear, even though they rested on my ears instead of going over them. The sound is clear, with a snappy bass response and soft trebles that don’t pierce. The sound isolation is good, but unsurprisingly, not comparable to headphones that have active noise cancellation.

Like the rest of Master & Dynamic’s lineup, the MW50s have a premium price, at $449. That’s more than many other wireless headphones available, including such excellent options as the B&O Play H7. But the MW50 has a very distinct look, and given that their performance is on par with other headphones in their class, you might find it worth spending a little more for their appearance. You can order the headphones in black and brown from Master & Dynamic’s website starting today, with more color options slated to come in the future.