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Sonos begins public beta for controlling its speakers with Spotify

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Skip the Sonos Controller app

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Sonos Play:5

If you’re a Spotify user on Android, starting today you can use the popular streaming music app to control Sonos speakers directly. The partnership between both companies, announced in late August, cuts out the requirement of using Sonos’ Controller app on a smartphone. Instead, you can choose what’s playing throughout your home right inside the Spotify app — and even group and ungroup rooms. Anyone on your Wi-Fi network can also take control of Sonos hardware within Spotify.

Today’s really just the rollout of a public beta for this feature; it’s not quite ready for general availability yet. This beta is available for Android, Windows, and macOS; yes, iOS is missing from that list. Sonos says iOS users will get access once the Spotify integration rolls out to everyone. You might be able to use Spotify’s iOS app to control things after setting up the beta from another platform, but that’s not officially supported. To sign up for the public beta on Android, Windows, or Mac, head right here.