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This gadget makes air-drumming sound like the real thing

This gadget makes air-drumming sound like the real thing


Just, you know, don't do it on public transport

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Some gadgets are so straightforward they barely need explaining, but here we go anyway: these are a pair of motion-sensitive sensors that you slip onto a pair of drumsticks and that let you play a virtual drum kit anywhere you like. It's called the Freedrum (get it?) and each unit pairs via Bluetooth to your phone. They use internal gyroscopes to detect motion and run for seven hours on an hour's charge. A single button turns them on and off, a single LED indicates a solid connection and battery level, and they're made from tough plastic that can take a beating. Couldn't be simpler, right?

If that pitch gets your attention you can buy Freedrum on Kickstarter now. Early-bird prices are all gone, but the second-cheapest tier ($79 for a pair of sensors, shipping August 2017) is still available. That's quite a while to wait for the freedom to drum, but it might be worth it for dedicated musicians who always want to be able to practice. For most of us, though, I'd imagine Freedrum might be a bit... disappointing? I mean, sure, sometimes you just gotta work through some paradiddles, but hitting the air is always going to be less fun than hitting skins.