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Beoplay's A2 Active is the perfect beach speaker coming in the wrong season

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Except in Australia

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B&O Play introduced its new A2 Active Bluetooth speaker this month that builds on the success of its original Beoplay A2 from 2014. The Beoplay A2 Active isn’t much different than the original A2, but it is now splash and dust resistant. It also ditches the old DC power input and instead relies on USB-C charging.

Similarly to the company’s A1 Bluetooth speaker, which was released earlier this year, the Beoplay A2 Active can reportedly last up to 24 hours on a single charge. It’s the same rectangular shape as the A2 and has the same $399 price tag. The A2 Active is available in “natural,” or white, as well as dark gray. The white looks great for playing music during a lobster roll picnic in Connecticut, if that’s your thing. The dark gray gives me more of a hip, city-person vibe, which is definitely more my thing.

We loved the A1 earlier this year, and listed it as our runner-up for the best Bluetooth speaker in our This Is My Next roundup. We can’t say how well this new speaker works, but since it comes from the same company that brought us the excellent Beoplay H6 headphones, we’re hoping for the best.