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LuMee launched its new selfie phone case in coordination with the supermoon

LuMee launched its new selfie phone case in coordination with the supermoon


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Kim Kardashian loves her LuMee phone case. Or maybe she’s paid by the company to love it? Regardless, Kim left social media after she was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, so now LuMee needs someone else or something else with a major public profile to sell its phone case. To fill that void, the company is releasing its new LuMee 2 phone case today in coordination with the supermoon.

For those of you who aren’t up on LuMee, it’s a company that designs phone cases that create better lighting for selfies. The case lights up, but in my experience, doesn’t improve selfies. Everyone knows the sun’s natural lighting is essential to a quality selfie. I’ve found the LuMee case to be nearly impossible to take off, too. Prying it from your phone feels like you’re going to shatter it or maybe break your phone in half. Maybe Kim was forced to love her LuMee case because she couldn’t get it off her phone? Whatever. These are just details, and if you ultimately want an extra selfie flashlight on your phone you’re probably going to be intrigued by LuMee.

The company says the LuMee 2 is 93 percent brighter than the original and fits over the iPhone 7 and all iPhone 6 models. It costs $59.95 and is available in matte black, white, or rose gold, as well as glossy white. So what does this selfie phone case have to do with the supermoon? Who knows. The moon didn’t ask to shill selfie phone cases. Sorry, moon.