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Roccat's new over-ear headphones let you switch mics for mobile gaming


Roccat is the maker of some solid gaming peripherals, including an incredible-looking frameless keyboard and a combo keyboard-and-mousepad for those that prefer to game from the sofa. The company's latest product is the Roccat Cross — a pair of lightweight gaming headphones with a dual-mic.

The Cross includes 50 mm neodymium magnet driver units and weigh just 200 grams, but their key feature is the option to switch between mic styles: one is inline, built into the lead; and the second uses a boom arm. Roccat says this designed for gamers who want to use the same pair of headphones while gaming at home with a PC or console, and while on the move with a phone or tablet.

It seems a little like creating a solution to a problem that's not really there, but if having a mic at all times is a concern and you can only afford one pair of headphones, the Cross might be a good choice for you. The headphones will be available in stores and online from December 8th, and will sell for €/$69.99.