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Netgear's battery-powered security camera now has LTE

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Netgear Arlo Go security camera Netgear

Netgear is releasing a new version of its Arlo Pro security camera that includes built-in LTE. The new model is called the Arlo Go, and it’s designed for use in locations that need to be monitored but don’t have power or Wi-Fi, like a construction site.

The new model will sell for $449.99 starting early next year, with service plans being offered through AT&T. Other than being much more expensive and a lot bigger, the Arlo Go will work the same as the Arlo Pro camera that it’s based on. That means it’s also powered by a rechargeable battery; this one’s expected to last “2 to 3 months” — down from the six months of battery promised on the non-LTE model.

This model gives Netgear another way of competing with Canary, which is supposed to begin offering LTE support for its Flex security camera over Verizon.

Update November 21st, 11:12AM ET: Updated to note battery life estimates.