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Toms-branded Apple Watch bands are for when you want to look like a woke bae

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Toms, the brand behind those heinous yet popular slip-on shoes, is releasing Apple Watch bands. Similarly to the shoes, a purchase of a watch band results in Toms doing something good for people around the world. The company says it’ll provide one year of solar light to someone in need with each band purchase. Hey, that’s something!

The company is segmenting the watch bands into two tiers. The $49 versions are made of “grosgrain fabric” and feature leather detailing. The $79 versions are made of a woven fabric with leather backing and stainless steel detailing. Each price range features a variety of designs in blue, black, olive green, gray, pink, and red.

Here’s a 38mm $75 design:


And here’s a 42mm $49 example:


The bands are now available, so we can go ahead and change the world, one Apple Watch band at a time.