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This dock adds ports to your new MacBook by making it a much thicker MacBook

This dock adds ports to your new MacBook by making it a much thicker MacBook

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As Apple’s new MacBook Pros continue to make their way out into the world, people are coming to grips with the new port situation in different ways. Some have chosen dongles. Others are relying on docks. Now, we have yet another option, the Line Dock.

The Line Dock is an Indiegogo project that mostly looks like someone took an old MacBook Pro and ripped off the screen. It offers three USB ports, HDMI, MiniDisplay Port, and of course, a USB-C port to connect it to your MacBook or MacBook Pro. (A Micro-B USB port is also included to connect the Line Dock to a non-USB-C laptop.) Still not enough ports? When you're not using your laptop, the dock also can charge a few phones with its four Qi charging pads.

The rest of the space is filled with a 20,000mAh battery (enough for approximately 1.5 full laptop charges) that the company claims to be just as fast as a wall charger. It’s also available with an optional internal SSD for extra storage in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities. 

Hooking up the Line Dock is simple: simply place the laptop on top, and hook it up via a USB-C or Micro-B USB cable. Four neodymium magnets inside the Line Dock help it stick to your laptop and keep everything aligned. The Line Dock also has an active cooling system that works to help regulate the temperature of the computer, which the company claims helps improve CPU performance. 

There’s really only so many ways I can keep saying this, but as usual, it’s a crowdfunded hardware product from a first-time company, so use your best judgement. The Line Dock is available on Indiegogo, starting at $149 for the basic version with no additional storage, and topping out at $599 for the 1TB model. All the Line Docks come in 12-inch, 13-inch, and 15-inch models to fit Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pros, and can be had in a matching space gray or silver.