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Circuit Breaker

This breadbasket will charge your phone while you overload on carbs

Baked goods brand Sister Schubert's developed a basket that will both keep your bread buns cozy and charge your electronic devices. Holidays just got so much weirder.

Details are a little hazy on exactly how the “Basket of Warmth” works. The device appears to support USB-charging devices, but says it “uses the very electronic devices that create distractions at dinnertime to keep freshly baked Sister Schubert's dinner rolls warm.” It’s intended to help families bond over dinner, presumably in the painful waiting time between a dead battery and full stomach.

Currently the breadbasket only exists in limited prototypes and probably won't be on Walmart shelves anytime soon — good news for people hoping to escape awkward political conversations this Thanksgiving by hiding behind a phone. The rest of us could always let our electronics succumb to darkness, much like my body will after I ingest too many rolls.