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Google's new Pixel phone case will put the day's news where you can't avoid it

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Google is releasing two “Live” phone cases for its Pixel today that not only look nice on phones but also change the wallpaper daily. The more logical of the cases is Google Earth-themed, which changes your phone’s wallpaper to a different landscape photo pulled from Google Earth each day. You can press the shortcut button to learn more about that location, too. The live wallpaper magic relies on a NFC connection.

Okay, so the Google Earth case sounds nifty and perhaps even useful for discovering new places. Good job, Google.


The other new phone case is truly questionable. The Google Trends Live Case sets trending search topics as your wallpaper, which could get depressing real fast. For now, the cases are only available in the US and Canada, but the topics will change depending on where users are located. Double tapping on a trending topic will flip to a new one, whereas pressing the shortcut button will provide more details.

These are the trending searches in the US right now:

Would you want any of these to pop up right as you take out your phone? I’m not sure. I’d hate to be constantly reminded of current events, but maybe you’re more masochistic than me. As an aside, the cases look lovely.


Both the Google Earth Live Case and the Google Trends Live Case cost $49.99 and are available through Google’s online store, Best Buy, and Verizon. Try not to get too down on current events, just focus on your gorgeous Pixel.

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