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Omate’s Yumi robot is an Alexa-enabled tablet with wheels


We'll probably have robots in our homes one day. I don’t know if they’ll be our companions or just Roombas with animated faces, but a lot of companies seem to think they have an idea of what we want: really large cartoonish eyeballs on an LCD screen. We’ve all seen Pepper, and maybe some of us have seen Asus’ Zenbo. Most of these robots aren’t available to buy yet and have only been put up for preorders, including the new Alexa-enabled robot Yumi. Yumi is essentially an Android tablet on wheels that can be controlled by a user’s voice.

A 5-inch 720p display serves as Yumi’s face, which can be adjusted to show different expressions. Here are some other details on what Yumi has inside:

  • A microphone, obviously, to use with Alexa
  • A light ring for notifications
  • Speakers
  • 3,500mAh battery, but no info on how long it can last on a charge

Yumi is 11.7 inches tall and starts at $349. That’s cheaper than Zenbo, which starts at $599. For the price difference, Yumi isn’t as mobile as Zenbo and also can’t swivel its head. So while it does have a camera for video calling, it has to be in a fixed location. Yumi can be reserved online for a preorder price, and Engadget reports that it’ll be launched in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign later this month. Yumi looks great in a neutral-colored room.