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The Fermata is a nice-looking stand for charging wireless headphones

The Fermata is a nice-looking stand for charging wireless headphones

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Twelve South

Nice pairs of headphones don’t just get dropped on a desk or in a drawer — they have stands to display them when they’re not in use. But as more and more high-end headphone brands are moving over to wireless, why not integrate a charger into that stand so you can store your headphones and charge them at the same time?

That’s the idea behind the Fermata, a wireless headphone charging stand from Twelve South. As that description would suggest, it’s a headphone stand for over-ear headphones that also contains a subtly hidden Micro USB cable on the back of the stand for charging the headphones.

the Micro USB cable is actually reversible

Usefully, the Micro USB cable is actually reversible, which should help make it easier when trying to plug in headphones with hard-to-reach charging ports. Additionally, the Fermata has a second USB port hidden underneath the base to allow you to charge a phone or plug in a proprietary adapter should your headphones not use Micro USB.

The Fermata doesn’t come cheap though, at $79.99, which is a lot for what amounts to a fancy Micro USB charger (although it is in line with some of the pricier headphone stands out there). The Fermata is available from Twelve South’s site today.