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Save up to $100 on Eero's mesh routers during Black Friday

Save up to $100 on Eero's mesh routers during Black Friday


Still not as cheap as Google Wifi

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If you've been thinking about switching over to Eero's mesh routers, you can save up to $100 later this week. Eero is offering discounts on its routers over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, starting November 23rd through November 28th at Eero's website, Amazon, and Best Buy. The discounted prices are below:

  • $399 for a 3-pack (usually $499)
  • $299 for a 2-pack (usually $349)
  • $149 for a 1-pack (usually $199)

The market for mesh routers is getting more and more crowded, with big names like Netgear and Google joining in alongside earlier, smaller companies like Eero and Luma. But even with the price drop, the $399 Eero 3-pack is still more expensive than the (also discounted) $299 Luma 3-pack or Google's upcoming Wifi mesh router system. On the plus side, Eero also recently released an update for its routers, adding Alexa integration and improved connectivity, which should further improve the experience of using it should you decide to pick one up this weekend.