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    Eight’s smart mattress can start brewing your coffee when you hit the snooze button

    Eight’s smart mattress can start brewing your coffee when you hit the snooze button


    It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake ♪

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    Eight Sleep

    Most smart bed products help you gain insight on how to get a better sleep, but few help you actually get up and grab your morning coffee. Now there’s a smart mattress you can program to start your coffee machine while it nudges you awake.

    The Eight Sleep mattress wants to be the command center of your home by offering an IFTTT integration to work with other smart gadgets. Its channel currently offers recipes like brew coffee when you hit snooze, turn Hue lights off when Eight’s night mode is on, or tell Alexa to turn on bed warming, but you can create your own recipe with any IFTTT-capable item.

    The mattress is also one of the growing number of the internet of beds that track your breathing rate and body movements to measure quality of sleep. Eight’s mattress comes with an app that gives you a sleep report and tells you how to adjust for a better night’s rest, such as changing the mattress temperature (couples can set a preferred temperature on their side of the bed). If you’re still having a hard time falling asleep, the app doubles as a white noise machine.

    Once you’re snoozing, the bed looks for patterns in your sleep cycle to identify when you’re coming out of a deep sleep. Then, it’ll use that data to figure out when to start waking you up in the morning, either via an alarm or by turning on the lights.

    Eight previously sold bed covers that worked as a sleep tracker, so its line of beds is essentially just a foam mattress with its tech layer on top. That’s also how it kept the price relatively close to mattresses from the likes of Casper and Tuft & Needle. Eight’s full size smart bed starts at $950, and comes with a similar 100-day return policy like most mattress startups.

    Now someone please build a mattress that also has a shiatsu massager built in.