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You can now buy your horse the connected sweater vest Bojack never had

Welcome to the world of the quantified horse

Equisense Care

There are Fitbit-like gadgets for both you and your dog, so why not Fitbits for other animals, like... your horse? Yeah, that’s a thing.

The Equisense Care is a bodysuit for horses that monitors their heart and respiratory rates, as well as perspiration. As with many of these wearable devices, the data is supposed to help you spot problems while still being not quite diagnostic: you can supposedly check whether your horse is stressed or developing colic so you can treat it at the first signs. All this info is accessible via an app, which lets you record medical care to keep track of all its veterinarian visits and yearly shots.

In addition to body data, owners can also track the horse’s activity level and how much time they spend sleeping. (Which, for horses, is only about three hours a day.) Data is only updated when you sync the bodysuit to your phone via Bluetooth, but there is a paid subscription model to get all this info instantly over 3G.

On the product roadmap, the Equisense team plans to add time spent eating to the mix as well. A little rude if you ask me, but all in the name of well-being, right? Bojack understands.


This isn’t even the first wearable for horses. There’s another one called SeeHorse that launched last year which similarly measures the horse’s vitals, but is worn anywhere on the horse, unlike Equisense’s vest design.

Equisense Care is now on Kickstarter for €299 ($315 USD) and has an additional option for winter shoulder guards. The product is expected to ship globally next fall.