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Circuit Breaker

These stickers have a unique fingerprint, so you can unlock your phone with your gloves on

The cold and bitter winds of winter are here, which means one important thing: it’s glove season! Gloves are a marvelous creation, except for the part where they make it impossible to use a touchscreen device that requires a fingerprint. This nifty sticker, TAPS, provides a unique fingerprint that may be able to ease your woes.

TAPS, funded on Kickstarter, is Touch ID compatible and waterproof; each sticker promises a one-of-a-kind fingerprint, even if they come from the same pack. They’re made with an “extremely adhesive conductive material” that stick to your gloves. This means that rather than buying a pair of gloves specifically made for touchscreens, you can add compatibility to those you already own.

The campaign has 16 days left, with products expected to ship before Christmas.

The obvious concern, of course, is just how secure this idea is. What if your gloves are stolen or lost? Could someone use this unique fingerprint to frame you for murder, robbery, or some other untoward deed? Are any of these scenarios worse than not being able to use your phone outside?

Dang. Life is full of hard choices.