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The Canopy Magic Keyboard case is a good way to lug a full keyboard around, if you must

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Studio Neat

Here are a couple facts: physical keyboards are easier to type on than touchscreen keyboards, especially for prolonged periods of time. Physical keyboards also take up space and, honestly, you have to be extremely committed to keyboards to ever want to carry one around with you. We’ve seen multiple covers with built-in Bluetooth keyboards for tablets, like Apple’s Smart Keyboard, as well as more specialized cases for products like Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. But now a company called Studio Neat is releasing a new case for Apple’s Magic Keyboard, so users can sync it to their iPads or iPhones while on the go. The case is called Canopy and it’s pleasing to look at:

Studio Neat
Studio Neat

It’s also practical for any of you who are carrying your Magic Keyboard around with no case. I’m not sure how large of a subset of the population needs this fix, but I’m glad someone is doing the design work. Other Magic Keyboard cases already exist but the Canopy, at least in my opinion, looks the nicest. It’s studious in a sophisticated way. The Canopy is available to preorder for $40, and although the company hopes to ship it by Christmas, it says it can’t guarantee delivery by then.