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There's E Ink everything now, even wallets

There's E Ink everything now, even wallets

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I could live with e-paper everything. I’m talking billboards, monitors, keyboards, remotes, watches, phones, and wallets. Yes, we now have an e-paper wallet called the Wonder Wallet. It just launched on Kickstarter. Why an e-paper wallet, you ask? Because e-paper looks cool and because on Kickstarter, anything can maybe become reality with your blind trust.

I don’t have many details on Wonder Wallet, but I do know that users can display an image on their wallet and that it connects to phones through Bluetooth. Do you really want to keep your phone connected to your wallet all day? That sounds like a battery drain to me. Oh yeah, you also have to charge the wallet, although it should last for around three days.

what should i display on my wallet?

The wallet sends an alert to users if they’re ever separated from it, and users can also display their contact information if they ever actually lose it. I’m assuming a companion smartphone app is involved at some point, but the people behind Wonder Wallet make no mention of it. I’ve reached out for details and will clarify when I hear back.

Practically speaking, the wallet has a sliding mechanism so users can easily slip cards out or put them in particular spots for quick access to NFC chips or magnetic strips. There’s also an optional money clip. The wallet starts at $55.

prove your love for e-paper

The idea behind Wonder Wallet is fine. I’m not mad about it. I actually like it as an example of how into e-paper everyone seems to be, or at least how into e-paper gadget makers want us to be. No backlight certainly makes staring at our tech for prolonged periods a more soothing experience, but I think an e-paper display still isn’t enough to sell a product. But tell me about your undying love for e-paper, as well as your disappointing E Ink purchases. I’m ready to listen.