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Huawei’s new fitness tracker features continuous heart rate tracking

Huawei’s new fitness tracker features continuous heart rate tracking


It also looks just like a Pebble Time Round

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Huawei is announcing a new fitness tracker today, the simply named Huawei Fit. The Fit is a watch-style fitness tracker, with a round face, and always-on, monochrome touchscreen. It counts steps, tracks sleep, and can continuously monitor heart rate during workouts. It is available at Best Buy, Amazon, and Newegg starting today for $129.99.

The Fit’s appearance is very similar to the Pebble Time Round from last year, and if you put them side by side, only a trained eye would be able to spot the differences. It’s available in a silver or gray finish with black, orange, or blue straps, which can be easily swapped for other 18mm wide straps.

For tracking features, the Fit can automatically sense when you’re walking, running, or sleeping, and it can measure step counts, distance, calories burned, and duration of sleep. The Fit does not have standalone GPS, but it syncs with Huawei’s Wear app for either Android or iOS.

Heart rate monitoring fitness bands have been under fire recently for their inaccuracy, but Huawei boasts of the Fit’s accuracy thanks to its “high signal strength.” Wearers can manually measure their heart rate or rely on the Fit’s automatic tracking. In addition, the Fit has running training guidance for 5K, 10K, half marathons, and full marathons.

Beyond fitness tracking, the Fit also supports alerts for incoming calls and messages. Huawei says the Fit’s battery lasts for six days between charges with normal use, and up to 30 days when in standby. A full charge takes less than two hours.

The fitness tracker world is fiercely competitive, and leaders such as Fitbit have had trouble recently as interest in their products has started to wane. Huawei’s Fit doesn’t seem to do anything hugely different from what’s already out there, but it’s attractive and relatively inexpensive, which might make it a compelling option.