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This wireless controller fixes the NES Classic’s biggest flaw

This wireless controller fixes the NES Classic’s biggest flaw


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The NES Classic is coming out next week, and the early impressions of the diminutively packed collection of Nintendo history are extremely positive. But — as my colleague Andrew Webster noted in his initial hands-on — there’s one problem with the NES Classic. Along with the original NES-inspired design, the blocky retro controllers also have a 1980’s-era wired connection that, when used with today’s massive multi-foot screens, can put you a little too close to the TV. 

Wireless play from up to 30 feet away

But third-party controller company Nyko is already ready with the Miniboss, a wireless controller for the NES Classic. The Miniboss borrows Nintendo’s NES aesthetic, but plugs into the NES Classic with a small adaptor instead of a cable (similar to the GameCube’s WaveBird controller) for wireless play from up to 30 feet away. And should you prefer to stick with Nintendo’s own controllers, there’s also the Nyko’s Extend Link, which is simply just a six-foot long cord with Nintendo’s proprietary controller port on each end.

The Miniboss controller will cost $19.99, compared to $9.99 for a second wired controller from Nintendo, while the Extend Link will run for $9.99. Both accessories will be available later on in November at Nyko’s website, Amazon, and GameStop.