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Apple’s red iPhone battery case is for a good cause

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The Product (RED) smart battery case is available today for $99

Apple’s iPhone battery case finally comes in another option besides black or white: red. Today the company unveiled a Product (RED) edition of its $99 Smart Case for iPhone 7. Aside from the color, it’s the exact same case that launched alongside Apple’s latest smartphone — and as we noted in September, it also has a larger battery capacity than last year’s version for the iPhone 6S.

Before I switched over to the iPhone 7 Plus, I spent a couple weeks with the regular 7 and the smart battery case. And let me tell you, I became a big fan of the hump that some people consider so unsightly. The combined phone + case feels a little heavy; they weigh more together than the 7 Plus, after all. But the hump lets you keep a really good, confident grip on your phone. And the dedicated battery meter for the case that appears on your iPhone is also pretty nice. So is the passthrough Lightning connector.

If you choose the (RED) hump and battery case, Apple will donate a part of proceeds to The Global Fund to fight AIDS — an effort that the company (and its Beats subsidiary) have already contributed nearly $120 million towards. The Product (RED) smart battery case is available immediately at Apple’s online store and retail locations.

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