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Google’s original OnHub routers are now 40 percent off

Google’s original OnHub routers are now 40 percent off

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We’re about a week away from the release of Google’s new Wifi mesh router system. And while the spotlight may be on Wifi as the new toy in town, that doesn’t mean Google has forgotten about its first router experiment, OnHub, which is now available on Amazon for a substantial discount.

The original TP-Link OnHub router is available for $117.49, over 40 percent off its usual $200 price tag (although it’s currently sold out), while the ASUS model is even cheaper, at $105.99. Both of those prices are well below the new Wifi routers, which starts at $129.99 for a single unit, and $299.99 for a pack of three.

Also, Google is updating the OnHub models with support for Wifi’s mesh networking, so if you’re planning on building out a multi-router network or considering an upgrade to the newer Wifi routers later on, the discounted OnHubs will still work great in that setup.