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If you're going to buy a new external SSD, you might as well get this USB-C one

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No dongle required

USB-C is here to stay, so it may be time to start investing in some compatible external drives. And the EX1, the first external drive from SSD manufacturer Plextor, looks like it'll fit the bill nicely.

SSDs in general are faster and more reliable than disc-based drives, with Plextor claiming read / write speeds of 550 MBps for the EX1. Additionally, the use of an SSD allows the EX1 to be much smaller than most disc drives, which is nice. Plus, it uses USB-C, which means that in theory you can connect it to an Android phone in addition to the usual support for Apple and Windows computers.

The EX1 comes in 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB capacity options, and offers a choice between a gold or silver anodized aluminum housing. No pricing has been announced, although Plextor gave a November release date in its original press release, which it doesn’t look like it will hit.