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TCL put Alexa in a tablet designed for your kitchen

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Amazon’s Alexa can be integrated into most anything now. Alexa is in adorable gadgets for refrigerators, smartwatches, remotes, and robots. Now, it’s showing up in a tablet specifically designed to help in the kitchen. We covered the Xess back in April, but to remind you, it has a 17.3-inch Full HD display and comes with a built-in handle, so it can be carried around the house. The $499 tablet also includes an IP camera so people can put it around the house to monitor different rooms. What really makes the Xess a kitchen tablet is that it’s loaded with software called Kitchen Stories that provides recipes users can access through voice commands.

TCL figured most people want Alexa in the kitchen, so the Xess makes sense. The TCL Xess is available now through Amazon.