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Maybe this keychain will stop me from losing my iPhone 7 headphone adapter?

Maybe this keychain will stop me from losing my iPhone 7 headphone adapter?

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It’s been almost two months since Apple courageously lead us into its brave, new, headphone-jack-less future with the iPhone 7. And although it included a helpful dongle for connecting the now-defunct adapter, it’s really easy to lose. Trust me. I’ve almost lost mine roughly a dozen times so far. 

The fittingly named Uncourage is a keychain with a male headphone plug on it so you can attach your headphone adapter into it when you’re not using it with your phone. So, if you’ve unplugged your headphones to use them with your computer or any other device beside an iPhone 7 — which believe it or not is something people do pretty frequently — you can keep the adapter on your keys when not in use. As someone who encounters this problem almost every day when I get to work, the Uncourage seems to better solution than my current method of just annoyingly leaving it hanging from the end of my phone while I’m at my desk. 

Look, it’s time to accept that the headphone jack is gone. Should Apple have killed it? Maybe. Maybe not. But this is the world we live in now, and I’m sick of tearing through my bag, pockets, desk, and general nightstand area to find the adapter every time I want to listen to music on my phone. Should you also share those feelings, the Uncourage is $6, with an extra $2 for shipping if you don’t live in Canada (compared to extra adapters from Apple for $9), and available to order online today.